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HKS Super Power Flow Wet 2-Layer 200mm Filter Element

HKS Super Power Flow Wet 2-Layer 200mm Filter Element

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The HKS Super Power Flow is a high efficiency air cleaner system developed for high performance street and track vehicles. Air induction is drastically improved by HKS inner funnel design, smoothly guiding forced air flow resulting in increased horsepower, torque and engine response. The HKS Wet 2-layer air filter element is focused on maximizing air flow for performance, yet still keeping harmful particles from the engine. 100% genuine HKS product.


Wet, 2-layer type

How to change the SUPER POWER FLOW Filter(4 steps)

  • 1. Take the filter out of the frame. Release the frame bolt first and take out the filter from the frame.
  • 2. Change the filter. First take the used filterout. Then put the new filter into the frame as shownon the photo by pushing it hardand set it for the center hol.
  • 3. Be careful not to make a gap. Set the filter tight to the frame. Do not try it a once but put it by step by step carefully. Try not to make any wrinkle.
  • 4. Finally set the bolt. Put the filter in the frame tightly and set the bolt firmly. Make sure again there is no gap between the filter and the frame.
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