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Plug Wrench Set for FA20/24

【Plug Wrench Set for FA20/24】

The plug replacement tool set specially designed for FA20/24 Horizontally-opposed cylinder engines. It helps easy plug replacement between the engine mount and the members without using SST (Special Service Tool).) Replace the plug using a detachable extension bar, according to the workspace.


  • The tool end section of 17 mm, hex socket shape makes it possible to tighten the plug socket by using the socket wrench or ring spanner.
  • The extension bar has an optimized strength setting spring-loaded ball, and the socket can be attached/detached easily, even in the narrow engine room.
  • The HKS logo is marked on the surface.
  • Square drive 9.5 mm (3/8")

The HKS logo is marked on the surface

How to Use

Remove the Plug
  • 1. Attach the plug socket on the plug.
  • 2. Attach the extension bar on the plug socket.
  • 3.Turn the rearmost outer diameter by ring spanner.
  • 4. Remove the extension bar from the rearmost.
Attach the plug

For attaching the plug, please take the reversing procedure of removing it.
The plug socket may remain at the plug hole when removing the provided extension bar due to the setting of the spring-loaded ball. For removal, please try to use another extension bar other than the one including the kit.

Set Includes

  • Plug socket x 1
  • 32 mm Extension bar x 2
  • 50 mm Extension bar x 1
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