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GReddy Airinx B-Type Universal Type Set AY-SB 70mm 12500302

GReddy Airinx and GReddy Air Intake Systems are designed to provide a easy and simple solution for helping increase air intake flow to your vehicle’s engine. When super high-flow is important, for specific turbo applications, a free flowing dual-ply, 3 dimensional urethane foam element with inner funnel adapter may be recommended. While for more everyday use, an application specific or universal GReddy Air Intake System with 4-layer synthetic, deep pleated, air intake filter system will be the ideal choice. All GReddy air intake systems feature a dry filter element to protect sensitive O.E. intake sensors.

Airinx Air Intake Kits, are complete vehicle specific systems. They are broken down into two main types. One is a simple to install Airinx combination with a one-piece molded internal funnel and pipe or airflow meter adapter. The second type adds smooth flowing mandrel-bent aluminum piping to improve air flow response, and in some case relocation of the air filter for better performance.

The AY-SB and AY-MB Airinx air filters are made with a special dry element and then placed between our dual chrome ABS spiral cages. Our special double-ply element uses 2 layers of 3 dimensional urethane foam (with different textures) to increase filtration and maximize intake airflow. The outer ply has a large opening while the inner rough layer is made up of a fine foam. The outer cage is a spiraled straight-fin design which helps promote air intake. The chrome finish can dress up any high performance engine compartment and is available in two compact sizes.

■ Greatly improve the dust collection and filtration performance by the adoption of a three-dimensional network structure, high efficiency two-layer filter

The adoption of high-efficiency filter of hemispherical shape with a form of the ideal vertical and horizontal ratio has to balance the intake efficiency and dust collection efficiency at a high level.

■ Long-life, three-dimensional network structure, high efficiency two-layer filter

2-layer filter of special urethane foam having a three-dimensional network structure by flame lamination bonding without using an adhesive, without inhibiting the intake efficiency, dust collection, and further enhance the filtration performance. In addition, it can be used over the long term because it is difficult to clogging compared to the plane filtration system.

■ High-performance air cleaner that realizes space saving while maintaining sufficient capacity

Integrally molded body funnel portion and the mounting adapter in special rubber. While having sufficient filter capacity aims to save space, and to allow free cleaner layout even in a narrow space.

■ Exhibit high performance in another specially designed car

Repeat the test, each of the models to develop the piping, etc. to be able to exhibit the best performance.
There is also a car that was to set the aluminum air guide plate, it has been aimed at the high suction efficiency and the heat insulating effect.

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