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Cutting • Polishing • Finishing

Abrasives for correcting and finishing automobile paint

Formulated for efficient correction (scratch removal), polishing, and high-gloss finishing of automobile paint. Suitable for machine polish only

Cutting Compound 300ml
Remove scratches, orange peel, and sandpaper marks with Cutting Compound
Wool buff pad @ 1800rpm

Polishing Compound 300ml
Remove marks from Cutting and bring to a gloss with Polishing CompoundSponge/Euro foam buff pad @ 1500rpm
(if sandpaper marks remain, use wool)

Finishing Compound 300ml
If desired, bring paintwork up to perfection with clear gloss then finish with Finishing Compound
Sponge/Euro 'finishing' foam buff pad @ 1300rpm

Excellent properties with results:

✔ Suitable for all types of automobile paint
✔ Fine ceramic abrasive is highly refined to prevent scratches, marring, and blurring
✔ New anti-clogging, low dust formula improves working conditions
✔ Can be used as a two- or three-step process, as needed
✔ Contain no silicone, gloss-enhancers, or any other unnecessary additives

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